About Space Fox

Space Fox allows YouTube Creators to share the work of publishing without compromising their channel’s data.

Using Space Fox, Creators can give their editor the ability to do one thing: upload a video to their YouTube channel as a draft. It’s that simple.

This allows Creators to save the time and effort of downloading a video from one platform, watching it to confirm that’s ready to publish, and then reuploading it to YouTube — or worse, sharing access to YouTube Studio with all its critical business data.

How it works

The Channel Owner gives SpaceFox the ability to send videos to the channel and then gives their Editor access to a shared space on SpaceFox. The only thing the Editor can do from here is upload a private video to the channel. That’s it. They have no ability to access Studio, see analytics, monetization, even other upcoming videos.

🦊 Our Foxes 🦊

Oscar Arbelaez

Oscar is a Senior Software Engineer at NextRoll, a member of the Social integrations engineering team and a former member of the E-commerce integrations team. He lives in Dublin, Ireland and loves coding, teaching and spending time with friends and family.

James Edward Dillard

James is a former YouTube product manager. While working at YouTube, he helped launch YouTube Studio’s Permissions Feature. He lives in Roswell, Georgia and loves reading, hiking, and spending time with his family. His YouTube channel is @jamesdillard.